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Electric Companies in New York

New York is symbolic of the American spirit worldwide. Its landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, stand for freedom. Since the late 1990s, New York has taken its reputation to heart and created an open market for energy providers. Previously, private residents and business owners were forced to buy energy from their pre-assigned utility. Now, consumers have the freedom to choose their own energy retailer. The New York State Public Service Commission, or PSC, has opened the energy industry to competition and electric companies and gas companies are free to offer competitive rates on supply to consumers in an effort to win them over as customers.

Exercise your freedoms, New York, and shop for your ideal energy retailer. Use to read up on your options so you can make a fully informed decision when it comes to choosing the best energy plan for your New York home or business.

Electric Companies: New York Rates on Supply

The demand for electricity is constantly changing and thus so is the price for it. While a tee shirt will generally cost the same regardless of the season, monthly supply rates from electric companies and gas companies change constantly. Demand is constantly in flux due to factors like changes in weather or supply interruptions. However, a variety of plans are available from energy retailers. Carefully research electric companies, New York, and you’re sure to access great savings.

Gas Companies: New York Green Energy

Possibly second only to price, choosing your type of energy is very important. Home and business owners have two options when it comes to their source of energy: Brown or green. Brown energy is cheaper than green, but carries with it negative consequences. Brown electricity is derived using methods that harm the environment. Through the burning of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide is released into the air. Plus, fossil fuels are difficult to renew and are quickly disappearing.

Green energy is perfect for the environmentally minded consumer. This type of electricity is generated using eco-friendly sources such as water, wind and biomass. Green energy is gentler on the environment and these resources are easily renewable. Call local gas companies, New York, to see if they offer green energy solutions.

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